We are the Poulton family and our lives have changed over the last few years. We want to share our story with you.

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We’ve created a neat little life for our family over the last few years and it’s our aim to inspire other families – to meet others around the world and to make a difference where we can.

Before you jump into the below, you may want to listen to this audio piece explaining our journey, if not carry on reading:

Have you ever had an epic experience or been in a situation where you look at yourself and can’t actually believe what is happening to you?


Well, I guess this is how we feel at this point in time and oh gosh, we want others to experience this same feeling.


We currently have NO jobs (we started our own online business from scratch now earning $15,000 + per month), NO bosses and A LOT of time to be together as a family. We are also able to be location independent so we’re dreaming big of where we want to live and explore next.


Now before you think that we’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones…


Let’s rewind a little:


4 years ago we were just like the majority of families and couples out there:


  • We both had jobs that we relied on to pay the bills.
  • We felt frustrated that we were stuck in our situation.
  • We wanted more out of life but felt trapped.
  • We wanted to spend more time as a family, not just on weekends.

Life wasn’t all bad. We had good friends, enjoyed living in London, enjoyed the social elements of our jobs and made the most of our weekends to do stuff.


What made the difference for us was having our daughter.


Her birth was met with major complications – she didn’t breathe for 15 minutes. We were told she had a severe insult to her brain and needed to be on cooling therapy for 72 hours to allow her brain time to recover. Those were the longest 72 hours of our lives! She is our miracle and 100% okay today. But that experience was enough to kick us in the gut and make us realize the value of life.


So, when Gracie was 1, we decided to move into the English countryside to get a better work / life balance.


We moved to Wimborne, Dorset and bought our first house. This was a big step for us Poulton’s. We had a bit of savings from working in London and Tim got stuck into the house and spent a good few months on it.


We weren’t too worried about jobs at this stage although we knew our cash would run out.


Oh Dear, this wasn’t the plan


As the money slowly started to dwindle, Tim started to look for contract Project Management work in the local area and we discovered that the pay was not that good compared to London.


Here was a cross road…


Do we do what most people would do i.e. find a local job paying a lot less than London rates or, even worse, commuting 2.5 hours one way up to London?


What did we REALLY want?


Time as a family.


That meant making some hard decisions. We wanted Tim to be at home and to not have to travel to London for work. So, no more contracts.


What next?

Well, an online business made sense for us. We could be at home with the children and work at the same time.

We found a niche in women’s health and Tarryn started blogging on this topic. She has a lot of experience with this, considering that she herself has the condition. Slowly but surely women started to respond.

They wanted more help. They asked us to create products.
We listened.

Now, 4 years on, this business pays our bills, allows us to travel and homeschool our children.

It’s been a lot of hard work but its so worth it and we wouldn’t change it for a second.

we’re not trying to be secretive about our exact online business but prefer not to share the exact specifics of the niche


Why Family Without Limits?

So, you might be wondering what it is we’re actually doing with Family Without Limits.

Well, we want to support and encourage other families to live beyond the norm and really go after their dreams. We want to be clear that we make no money from Family Without Limits at this stage. We simply want to encourage, inspire and enable families to go for it!

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  1. Hi Tim and Tarryn,
    Stumbled on to you guys when I went to EO fire. And, then I listened to your first podcast.
    Such down to earth team. The type of people I like. Believe I hear you guys make 50 k a month?
    What products or services do you sell? I don’t see any here.
    Just curious. I am still in a massive struggle building my platform online.
    Nice to listen to your story.

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